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Yurihonjo, Akita, Japan

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The Akita Specialists - a short portrait of the company

Always on the pulse of time! 
The customer part in focus!

Since its foundation in 1952, Kobayashi Industry has been growing to meet the technical challenges posed by its well-known customers with their products.

Starting from the component, the tool shop is the heart of the development. Requirements for manufacturing processes and production machines are defined by the tool.

With this philosophy, the wide range of products and services grew.

Today, about 220 highly qualified specialists work in the 2 divisions toolmaking and pressmaking. 4 other specialized companies with a total of about 800 employees belong to the KOBAYASHI group of companies. Among them is the toolmaking company KOBAYAHSI KANAGATA in Thailand, which was founded in 2015.

The company is certified in the standards

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001

Since 2011 ppw Handel is the official importer for Europe.

Skills and commitment

Continuous development requires capable, experienced employees.

In an environment where a few µ of a mm are decisive for success or failure, mastering the latest production machines and processes is essential.

The know-how is in-house and stays in-house!

The high vertical range of manufacture in our own company is a core component of quality. The short line between development, construction and production is exceptionally good.

Always to the advantage of the customer!

Another outstanding characteristic of the company is the readiness to face challenges.

For example, requirements of the European market have been grasped and implemented in record time.


Animation of a 10-axis application


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