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Electric CNC Servo Metal Powder Presses

28 years of experience with electrically driven metal powder presses!The Japanese company Kobayashi Industries from the north of Japan has been manufacturing electrically driven presses for over 28 years.

These machines are used in the production of sintered metal parts, hard metal products and ceramic components. The development of the electric direct drive without the use of toothed belts represents a milestone.

The drive motor is directly connected to the driving ball screw. Kobayashi electric presses are characterized by this sophisticated technology with some outstanding features.


  • Highest rigidity of the machine frame due to symmetrical design and FEM-optimized structure
  • Highest accuracy in positioning
  • repeatability and synchronicity
  • low noise emission

ENERGY Efficiency

  • Highest drive power with low power consumption
    Energy recovery system
  • Example: 1.3 Wh / piece at 3sec/cycle and 40 kN press force


  • HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) guarantees easy setup and operation
  • Process reliability through on-screen simulation
  • Variably adaptable to customer requirements


  • Customized press configuration call us!
  • Single-axis presses from 60 kN to 600 kN
  • Single and multi-axis CNC presses
  • Multi-plate versions up to 3 upper and lower plates each
  • Multi-feeder
  • Side-pin versions electric
  • Split die versions

Product range of electric presses

Pressmachine Overview

Specifications for Kobayashi presses

Basic design: 
Stationary die type / withdrawal die type

Drive motor variants for press axes Capacity: 
60kN / 100kN / 160kN / 200kN / 300kN / 400kN / 600kN

Standard strokes see press overview, deviating strokes according to your specification

Uniaxial presses with press capacity listed above

Multi-level presses:
Specify the number of press levels with desired press force per level
Maximum 3 upper levels / 3 lower levels 

Center pin control:
Pneumatic or electric synchronized with 10kN (standard)

Cross axes in different variants:
Cross axes for cross hole applications with 10kN / 180°
Cross axes for split die applications 40kN / 180° (3 x 120°)
Cross axes coaxial outside 40kN / inside 10kN / 180°
Cross axis drive via ring system, 2-fold / 3-fold / 4-fold - split dies


The synergy of tool & press know-how

R&D draws on the many years of experience gained from press and die manufacturing.

Test press for various applications:

A test press with 3 levels above, 3 levels below with 200kN press capacity each is permanently available.

Variants for split dies by ring drive mechanism or single motor applications.

Customized special applications.

Please contact us for specific tests with customized press die.

Multilevel pressing


Testpressing with 4-divided die

Pressing of a helical part


Simulation Multilevel pressing and sideaxis


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